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Time Freedom Awaits!

Where a little becomes a lot! (and a lot more!)

Learn to consistently profit and compound in the stock market!

The #1 Trading and Investing System to Earn TIME FREEDOM your way.
Learn to Earn and build your own financial flywheel to gain Time Freedom.
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We empower you to earn true time freedom by trading and investing in the stock market. 

With a proven system, a consistent  process, and 1:1 coaching with accountability,  we ensure you develop the "real" skills and discipline to earn time freedom for life.


Learn the Time Freedom Trading  Way!
In as little as less then 60 minutes a day,  you can learn the $1K WAY to earn your first $100K in the stock market.

Learn and practice on your own terms with access to a successful Time Freedom Trader as your 1:1 coach to ensure your progress and achieve your goals.

On Demand Learning
1:1 Coaching

Through a structured online  virtual academy you will be guided through a proven process to learn the TIME FREEDOM TRADING SYSTEM and build your own "FINANCIAL FLYWHEEL" in the stock market.  In addition, live 1:1 coaching is also a critical part of the curriculum to ensure accountability and success to achieve freedom your way. 

Maturity Model approach

No one likes to lose money. We don't either! We don't let you hurt yourself! We are with you every step of the way. The Time Freedom Trading system will help you risk-less and earn more through a proven step by step process as your skills increase. You will learn to earn and earn more in the markets as you grow your way to TIME FREEDOM.

Simplicity Scales Complexity Fails

The strategies shared and knowledge gained are as simple as 5th grade math!  The Time Freedom Trading system allows you to immediately learn the dynamics of the market and gain an edge with a simple framework of growth and compounding.

For Your  Freedom!

With 1:1 COACHING included in everything we offer, we ensure your success!  Whether you want to boost your current income or grow to earn time freedom, this is the way. 
Make the $1K WAY your way to TIME FREEDOM.



Learn to trade and make money while you sleep as your side hustle!


Learn to trade and invest and lose your J.O.B. and become free!


Scale to $7 figures and diversify you  assets and revenue streams with a proven strategy and process.
TimeFreedomTrading.com is at an entirely different dimension than any other training or coaching programs that I have been a part of. I have learned more in the first few months in this program than I ever did in past three years of all the trainings I’ve been a part of.

Time Freedom Trader

Want to learn more ?

Let me help you get FREE.
The first 30 minutes is on me!

Book 30 minutes with me for free.
Let's book a time to chat to see where your at.

Get a chance to meet 1:1 with a 25 year Wall Street veteran trader to see if Time Freedom Trading is for you.  

We want to help you achieve a Time Freedom!

  Learn the Time Freedom Trading Way "YOUR WAY!"

We will help you progress through a proven system so you can earn and scale TIME FREEDOM to compound wealth for life!
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Learn a proven system and build the skills you need to stop being an amateur and become a professional.

Learn a "complete system" to trade and invest in the stock market. Gain the proper foundational knowledge, process, and skills within the
FOUR (4) DOMAINS of Time Freedom Trading

Earn the Mark of a
Time Freedom Trader.


Gain proper trading discipline and skills using  professional tools to achieve time freedom.

Learn to assess and trade the seasonality of the stock market all year long with proper paper trading practice.  Mentor 1:1 in monthly live streams and office hours with a 25 year Wall Street veteran to learn to earn Time Freedom.
"We talking bout


Begin your path to Mastery and
earn Time Freedom your way.

Develop your skills at scale leveraging Wall Street knowledge to compound wealth for life. Gain the  proper strategies and wisdom to know what "not" to do, and  build a legacy of wealth in the stock market.

"Earn your Time Freedom
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Q2 Coaching Cohort Starts April 21st!

Become a Time Freedom Trader

When is your when?  Save your seat now!
Early Bird discount access
is now open through March 31st! 
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Don't Delay! 
Begin your journey to Time Freedom today!

“The greatest coaches aren’t just game changers, they are life changers.”
—  Tony Dungy

“A coach is someone who sees beyond your limits and helps you break them.”
—  Michael Jordan

“Coaches have the power to turn potential into reality through guidance, encouragement, and belief.”
— Lou Holtz
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Q1 Coaching Cohort

Start the new year off with the seasonal January rally and see what presidential cycles and Q1 earnings will bring for trading profits

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Q2 Coaching Cohort

Q2 gives us headlights into how the year will perform. Various economic data and seasonal patterns kick in as we transition to new growth for profits.
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Q3 Coaching Cohort

The summer months kick off some notable opportunities for trades as Q2 earnings give insight into the first half of the year especially in certain sectors.
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Q4 Coaching Cohort

The fall move for the markets is always a great time to find volatility for end of year trades. Make a great holiday and Sign up for Q4 Coaching today!
Learn to Earn


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What's included?

25% discount

Learn to trade the markets the whole year through!  Learn to earn for all seasons of the year with a 25% discount bundle! Students that sign up for the year will be rewarded with additional bonus material and support. You invested in you and we will invest in you the whole year through!

Exceptional training methods

We guarantee an exceptional experience with flexible learning paths and professional guidance. Our 1:1 coaching and support will be unmatched. We will show you the way, you will have to stay the course and we will be with you every step of the way!

Live Video conferencing

Access live  and on-demand education as well as live ZOOM Coaching sessions to ensure you  experience the key content to gain time freedom.

Engaging classes

Video interactions, note-taking, interactive eBooks, self-assessment, certificates, and much more. All with monthly 1:1 coaching designed to make sure you retain what you learn. You will learn to earn the TIME FREEDOM TRADING WAY!!

We are invested in you!

Discuss with others

Participate in our exclusive online FREEDOM TRADER COMMUNITY to share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your progress to time freedom.

On-Demand Courses

Learn and earn on your own terms. The on-demand course content is designed for you to learn at your own pace. Our On-Demand capability is embedded from the ground up to offer you this life changing content. 

Time Freedom awaits!


Learn the complete Time Freedom Trading System!
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Mechanics 101

Learn to methodically execute trades with a consistent process.
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Dynamics 202

Learn how to manage market dynamics and trade "with the market".
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Strategy 303

Learn to trade and invest with a proven money management strategy.
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Mindset 404

Learn to think like a professional trader and investor in the markets.

What do you need to get started?

To get started on your journey to time freedom, some basic tools will be used to enhance your learning. Most students start with a computer they all ready have and grow as their skills grow. A multiple monitor system is not required but will be recommended as you grow.

  • Access to a broker for executing trades within a paper trading account - no money required.

  • A way to see stock charts in real time with the proper indicators and time frames.
  • Access to CNBC or  a business news channel for up-to-date stock market news.
  • A Trading Computer  with internet access to utilize live stock charting and broker software as well as note taking / journal.  
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See the market with multiple monitors

The market is dynamic and there are multiple element you must see simultaneously to multitask and trade with the market.

* Depend on a Reliable Workstation

To provide consistent profit, your trading workstation MUST be reliable and stable to protect you and your money from "Murphy's law." 

Utilize a Scalable Workspace to grow as you grow

Make and keep your profits with a proven trading workstation and configuration that will last.

* Receive a 10% DISCOUNT from NTI when purchasing a Time Freedom Trader Workstation.

** The 3rd party vendors above are independent suggestions based on past trader use and experience to evaluate and consider.  No financial sponsorship is implied.
Get Started now....

Suggested Professional Tools for Time Freedom Trading

*The 3rd party vendors below are independent suggestions based on past trader use and experience to evaluate and consider.  No financial sponsorship is implied.


Obtain a free paper trading account with IBKR and practice to trade risk free. 


Professional stock charting at your finger tips. Custom tools and templates specific to time freedom trading will be leveraged on the eSignal platform.


Access to a computer to read read real time stock charts and interact with your broker for trading capabilities is needed. NOTE: A multi monitor computer setup is not required but will be encouraged.


Various programs on CNBC provide relevant market coverage for up to date market news and trader insight.

Stay up-to-date

Upcoming events

Learn to trade ALL THE SEASONS of the year!

Just like the weather has seasons of the year, the stock market behaves differently depending on the season. Knowing this presents opportunities to profit with the right knowledge.

Learn to profit from market volatility in all seasons of the year with a proven veteran Time Freedom Trader. Our aim is to get you to time freedom. We will show you the way, you have to choose to stay the course!

What's your choice?

All great performers have a coach.

Do you?


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  New Year, New Money!
The winter months can provide seasonal catalysts to the New Year.  Seasonality, presidential cycles, and end of year earnings can all provide excellent opportunities for the knowledgeable trader to compound profits and  gain time freedom!

Make your new year resolution to "Make More in 2024"!
Thank you!


The stock market is a forward looking indicator which values the market 6-9 months out. Profit accordingly.

The 2nd quarter gives us headlights into how the year will play out. Various economic data and seasonal patterns kick in as we transition to new growth and thaw out from the winter.  The business cycle, transportation trends, and elections cycles, as well as various momentum indicators are key to profiting in the market.

With the proper insight and cyclical knowledge, you can look forward to the upcoming summer and consumer cycles for profit.

Learn to earn and make time freedom for some well earned quality time during the upcoming summer months! You won't want to miss this Q2 Coaching Cohort to earn you some Time Freedom!


The July month kicks off some notable opportunities for trades as Q2 earnings give insight into the first half of the year's performance especially in certain sectors.  With that insight,  seasonal trading patterns provide great trades for those who know the market history and proper strategies to profit.

Summer is a lot more fun when you know how the market runs.  Q3 Coaching can fund your time in the sun!

Don't forget the "Back to School" moves as summer comes to an end.  Early back to school trends can set up profits for the fall in the fall as the quarter comes to an end.

Time Freedom Awaits!

FALL Q4 2024 OCT | NOV | DEC

The fall move for the markets is always a great time to find volatility for end of year trades.

The famous Santa Clause rally and year end seasonality are key tenets for the fall season that you don't want to miss.

The end of year window dressing, election cycle predictions, and holiday headlights always provide excellent trading opportunities.

Make a great holiday and Sign up for Q4 Coaching today!

Earn F.U. money!
Financially Unlimited  with the complete
Time Freedom Trading System. 

Earn the mark of a TIME FREEDOM TRADER and compound wealth For LIFE! 
— The Bald Bull - Time Freedom Trader
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Our Complete System of Courses


“A GOOD COACH can change a game;
GREAT COACH can change a life.”

- John Wooden
Legendary Basket Ball Coach

Designed and built for everyone

Built with on-demand video interactions, note-taking, interactive eBooks, self-assessments, certificates, and much more, you can learn at your pace and on your terms to ensure your success.
Taking the Time Freedom Trading online course has been a major benefit to me. The Time Freedom Traders  are supportive and responsible in returning emails. They are with me every step of the way.

 Terry S.
Atlanta, GA

I would like to thank the Time Freedom Trading Team for their continuous support. The technical and mental lessons learned are priceless. Wall street profits are within reach of the Main Street Trader thanks to the help of Time Freedom Trading team.

Josh T. 
San Fransisco, CA

Meet the instructor


The Bald Bull is your Time Freedom Trader and 1:1 COACH to get you to Freedom.  Trading with over 25 years of real trading experience, you will be coached by a veteran trader and strategist to help you get to Freedom!  He is committed to helping you achieve your goals.  He will show you the way... you have to stay the course.  Freedom Awaits!

"A little can become a lot ... and a lot more!"

Time Freedom Awaits
- The Bald Bull
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