May 13 / The Bald Bull

Got a case of the Monday's?

Is it Monday again?

A cure for a case of the Monday's?

Monday's can be the worst.

Everybody seems to be in the same mood; A Monday mood.
Fridays always seem better.
You never sleep as good as you do on Saturday. 
Sunday gives you that haunting feeling... tomorrow is Monday again! Ugh!

Why is that?

Heard a great quote:
 "Weak people seek pleasure... and Strong people seek purpose!

Are you living your purpose?
Or is Monday a full time means to Friday...
to then start living your part time purpose?

The deeper question is why are you not living your purpose?

We all have natural gifts to share, but at some point we took a diversion for some reason and our financial freedom was throttled.

Our ambition was muted by our financial choices and obligations.

So we began to survive instead of thrive. 

We got on the "trading time for money tread mill" .. and it keeps running faster but we never seem to catch up.

Wouldn't it be great if our money could work harder then we could?

We could use our money to compound and trade MONEY for more time
- ie more time freedom to pursue our purpose?

When Monday's all seem like Mundane Mondays, that is your inner self telling you  - your not living your purpose.

"Working the week to live on the weekend" is NOT living!

There's a better way... The Time Freedom Trading way.

Stop Surviving, and start THRIVING!

Let's Chat!
Whenever you're ready, there are
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