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Mechanics 101

Learn to methodically execute trades with a consistent process.
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Dynamics 202

Learn how to manage market dynamics and trade "with the market".
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Strategy 303

Learn to trade and invest with a proven money management strategy.
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Mindset 404

Learn to think like a professional trader and investor in the markets.

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Learn the proper technical analysis strategies for the Time Freedom Trading System 

Build the foundational skill of
trading mechanics by learning technical analysis to determine the proper criteria for trading and investing in a chart.

Designed for traders of all levels and experience, this comprehensive starter course is your key to unlocking the power of effective trading by building the proper habits and techniques required to read charts accurately and execute trades for high probability to profit in the markets. 

Begin your journey to time freedom with proper mechanics and learn this crucial skill on the path to compounding wealth for life.

  • Video time: +12 hours
  • BONUS: Time Freedom Trader Community

TRADING MECHANICS 101 Course Overview

The Trading Mechanics 101 course is designed to build your technical trading skills through detailed examples and a simple strategy to gain experience at your pace. 

Led by a Time Freedom Trader with 25 years of real wall street trading,  this course provides a
systematic and incremental learning experience to help you grow as your knowledge and trading skills grow in the markets.

Anchored in a
practice discipline,  you will learn to execute trades through a proven systematic process with paper trading and chart analysis.

Don't "hack your way" in trading and see if it works. Learn the proper way to to consistently trade and build a foundation of profitable trading  with out the bad habits. This is the way, you will have to stay the course.

This course is for Y.O.U.! 

This introductory course is designed for those who want to earn time freedom through the stock market.  If you can do 5th grade math, you can learn to trade and invest in the stock market. This course is suitable for all levels to learn the proper habits as a discipline to extracting profits from the market at will. No prior knowledge or trading experience required.

Experiential Teaching Methods

This  on-demand course will allow you to experience learning the stock market and trading mechanics at your own pace.  This foundational course  within the Time Freedom Trading system provides future Time Freedom Traders with interactive videos and ebook lessons, as well as bonus materials and quizzes to reinforce the concepts taught. Combined with live interactive Q&A with a 25yr veteran Time Freedom Trader,  you will learn  an inside view from Wall Street to profit from. 

Required Materials

Access the course via materials online, including e-books, audio resources,  and interactive videos.  A reliable internet  connection and a headset are recommended for an optimal learning  experience.  Access to the recommended charting software and paper trading software is strongly advised but not required.  Access to a multiple monitor computer system (PC) is encouraged but not required. Trading stocks and options is easily accessible with current internet technologies.

Assessment and Evaluation

You will access the course via materials online, including e-books, audio resources,  and interactive videos.  Interactive Quizzes, and weekly market updates exclusive to Time Freedom Traders will be the critical guide to help you see concepts taught in real time with the market. Paper trading results will be assessed during Live 1:1 Office Hours for personalized Q&A and additional help to make you successful. We are invested in you. Your success is our success!

LIVE  Time Freedom Trading Community

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connections, get help with your trading with our live office hours with in the Time Freedom Trading Community! 

Trader workspace

Learn how to assemble a robust  trading workstation and proper software configuration to see the markets in three dimensions (3D).

Learning Objectives

This course will empower Time Freedom Traders with the surgical skills of technical analysis of stock charts for trading and investment strategies.

By the end of this course, you will learn:

Investing vs. Trading

Understand the conceptual difference between investing and trading and how to leverage both for building wealth.

Technical Analysis

Develop foundational skills for technical analysis and learn the basics for stock charting to asses the health of the market , a bullish sector, or a stock.

Accurately Asses Price Movement

Identify various technical indicators for analysis and the correlation between them to assess price movement for a profitable trade or investment.

Paper Trading

Learn to practice various trade set ups with a proper paper trading method.


Log your trades with the proper data framework to assess your performance for continual improvement and increased profits at scale.

Trade Options for Leverage

Gain foundational knowledge of stock options and the proper concepts for using options for leverage and exponential profits
Execute trades with precision.


Learn to systematical trade with technical analysis.

Learn Trading

#1 Market Elements

Learn the key components of the stock market including Index's, Sectors, and leading stocks, as well as the proper vocabulary to comprehend the markets volatility for profit.

#2 Technical Analysis

Identify primary indicators for fundamental and technical analysis and how to interpret them for investing and trading.

#3 Chart Reading

Gain access to the Time Freedom Trading chart reading system and process for proper technical analysis.

#4 Chart Patterns

Learn reliable chart patterns that really work, and identify when NOT to trade for truly  profitable trading.

#5  Indicators

Identify the difference between leading and lagging technical indicators and how to use them for trading and investing.

#6 Paper Trading

Develop the proper skills to  systematically paper trade to test your edge with simulated trading before putting any money at risk.

#7 Trade Logs

Learn how to properly log your trades for analysis and  continuous improvement.

#8 Stock Options Strategies

Understand how to really use Stock Options  properly to create time freedom.
Is this another get rich scheme?

What makes this unique?

A System for
Compounding Wealth

The Time Freedom Trading  system helps you build your own financial flywheel with a simple system, a proven process, and a disciplined approach to help you compound wealth for life. 

Simplicity  That Scales

With Time Freedom Trading complexity fails and simplicity scales.  We simplify technical analysis with a proprietary confluence of custom indicators that are embedded into our techniques to ensure success.  

Incremental Progress

Learn with in an online academy designed for incremental progress and advancement with demonstrated proficiency.  Proper practice with with a proven process for adoption and discipline ensures your mastery as a Time Freedom Trader.

Maturity Model

The Time Freedom Trading system is implemented with The 5 Ps Maturity Model :
Process | Practice | Proficiency
Performance  | Progression

to ensure your success 

TFT Trader Toolbox

Custom and unique trading assets of templates, tutorials, and techniques with in the Time Freedom Trader Toolbox are  unique to the Time Freedom Trading system and are only available through the on-demand platform.

Bonus Content

Extended bonus content through the on-demand platform for continuing learning for students who are committed to earning time freedom.
Begin your journey learning the complete Time Freedom Trading System.

Trade with

Learn how to methodically execute trades. 
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Your learning will be experiential and incremental.  You will asses your progress through pre requisite content and  interactive quizzes with trade log assignments to ensure you comprehend the content before advancing to more advanced concepts.  You will be able to measure your success with our Time Freedom Trading  Maturity Model for a systematic approach to trading and earning time freedom.  You will LEARN before you EARN!

Duration and Schedule

This on-demand course spans over 12 hrs of course instruction and content with various homework and interactive modules to progress through. Your pace of development is up to you. The stock market is open on average 22 days per month. That is 22 day per month of valuable learning. Your pace is up to you!

Trading the market profitably will require following the market daily. Expect to schedule 30-60 mins to review the markets progress  weekdays either during or after hours to review charts. You will look to access the course as reference material as you advance through the course and build your trading skills.   Most students complete the course content with in 4-6  weeks depending on their schedule, consistency, pace and review of the material. With on-demand you can learn at your pace.  The stock market cycles are experiential.  You will require multiple cycles to learn and exploit the volatility in the markets for profit. Time Freedom awaits!

Language and Format

The course is conducted in English, with a format that combines on-demand videos, audio, and interactive eBooks,  as well as  online Q&A through the Time Freedom Trading Community for additional flexibility.

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Certification and Membership

Upon successful completion of the TIME FREEDOM TRADING MECHANICS course you will receive a Certificate of Proficiency in Time Freedom Trading Technical Analysis.

In addition you will satisfy the prerequisite to
advance to the
Time Freedom Trading DYNAMICS course
for further development of your trading and Investment skills.

As a member of the
Time Freedom Trader Community you will also gain additional benefits including:  access to our "PRIVATE" online community for additional support and learning as you practice your trading skills, discounts for additional course bundles and 1:1 coaching cohort sessions throughout the year.

Join the Time Freedom Trading Community and become a Time Freedom Trader and start earning your time freedom today!

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Mechanics 101

Learn to methodically execute trades with a consistent process.
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Dynamics 202

Learn how to manage market dynamics and trade "with the market".
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Strategy 303

Learn to trade and invest with a proven money management strategy.
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Mindset 404

Learn to think like a professional trader and investor in the markets.
Meet the instructor


The Bald Bull is your Time Freedom Trader and 1:1 COACH to get you to Freedom.  Trading with over 25 years of real trading experience, you will be coached by a veteran trader and strategist to help you get to Freedom!  He is committed to helping you achieve your goals.  He will show you the way... you have to stay the course.  Freedom Awaits!

"A little can become a lot ...and a lot more!"

Time Freedom Awaits
- The Bald Bull

Patrick Jones - Course author